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The design of this flat is characterised by a harmonious blend of contemporary styles and touches of minimalism. The clean lines and geometric shapes create a modern, sophisticated atmosphere.

The colour palette is dominated by neutral tones, such as ivory, beige and touches of black, creating a luminous and elegant backdrop. Subtle touches of bright colours, such as orange, are incorporated to add personality and vibrancy to the space.

The flat has an open plan layout, encouraging fluidity between the living spaces. The kitchen, dining room and living room are interconnected, fostering a social and welcoming atmosphere.

The materials used are carefully chosen for their quality and aesthetic appeal.

The lighting is designed to create a warm and functional atmosphere.

The furniture is chosen for its clean, functional design. Furniture with clean lines and simple shapes, made from modern materials, adds a contemporary touch to every room.

Abstract works of art and carefully selected decorative elements add personality to the flat. Soft carpets, cushions and indoor plants add a touch of comfort and greenery.

Modern technological solutions, such as the smarthome, are effectively integrated.

Every space is designed to be functional.

Together, these elements create a modern, welcoming and aesthetically pleasing flat, perfect for meeting the needs of a contemporary lifestyle.

Location : Churchill Residence

Date : 16 october 2023